How it started

Hey there! My name is Raylyn and I’m the owner of The Wandering Turtle Shop. I am a small town journalist who is trying to do the right thing for myself and the planet.

A couple years ago, I was actively avoiding my homework for grad school, and started watching documentaries. After seeing the damage factory farming, plastic pollution, and fast fashion are causing to the planet, I knew I had to make some changes.

Now I eat a plant-based diet and continue to make small changes in my daily life to lessen my impact on the planet. I’m not perfect, but I believe small consistent changes add up to make a huge difference. 

Hi! I’m Raylyn Nicole

In my free time, I like hiking, swimming, and reading. I went to journalism school and enjoy writing. I believe everyone deserves to have a book written about them.

I enjoy being out in nature. Ocean, mountains, forest – I love them all. My favorite season is summer.

The idea for the store started when I needed to distinguish my oral care products from my roommate’s stuff. I couldn’t find the products I needed in one place, so I decided to gather them myself.

My goal with the store is to provide fun and funky zero-waste products. More color, less beige.

Get in touch

We want to be an inclusive shop. If there is a product you want and you don’t see it in stock, please feel free to reach out. We love to hear from our customers!